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I want to play YouTube video in WebView or

When user click on youtube video I have to forward it to real YouTube app because in WebView I am not able to play YouTube video.

Is there any way to play a YouTube video in our WebView?

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you can play video in video view(the videos those are stored in local storage)...

refer 2 this.....

but if you want 2 stream it from server you have 2 go for rtsp video streaming....

look at this...

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i want to play link clicked by user in youtube site. that's not at all playing in webview. –  Ganapathy Feb 10 '11 at 17:07

As long as the video and device supports HTML5 you can do it through that, and if it has any flash elements you can run it as a flash application and it will treat it like a web page.

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