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I'm going to create an activity that shows statistic. I planned to have a TabHost with two tabs, the first one displays data in a table and the second tab displays a js diagram of the same data using a webview. So, since they share the same data and everything, I thought the easist way would be to create one activity/class and then play with the views. However, I would be delighted to get some good examples for how to do this. All I find is how it's done the opposite way, with separate activities.


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This is an example XML file for TabHost:

<RelativeLayout android:id="@+id/tabhost1" style="?left_half_tabhost_holder">
    <TabHost style="?tabhost"
        <RelativeLayout style="?tabhost_countainer">
            <FrameLayout style="?tab_content">
                <ScrollView android:id="@+id/tab1" style="?tabtype_scrollview">
                    <ImageView style="?tab_content_mockup_map" android:onClick="onClickMap" />
                <ScrollView android:id="@+id/tab2" style="?tabtype_scrollview">
                    <ImageView style="?tab_content_mockup_email" android:onClick="onClickMessages" />
                <ScrollView android:id="@+id/tab3" style="?tabtype_scrollview">
                    <ImageView style="?tab_content_mockup_workload" android:onClick="onClickWorkload" />
            <TabWidget style="?tabwidget" />

And the code to setup the tabs:

private void SetupMainTabHost()
    View v = null;

    v = findViewById(;
    mMainTabhost = (TabHost) v.findViewById(;

    TabSpec spec = mMainTabhost.newTabSpec("tab1");
    // getString(R.string.settings_tab_caption_1)
    spec = mMainTabhost.newTabSpec("tab2");
    spec = mMainTabhost.newTabSpec("tab3");

Hope this helps.

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