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hi is there a way to compare a few elements

lets say


if i use ajax it returns


i need to blink ant and fish to indicate they are new there.

any ideas ?

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why not fix your ajax call so that it only returns the new items instead of the whole list all over again? –  corroded Feb 10 '11 at 11:56
Thought about that but i dont have a solution in my head how to show the new ones all the ajax does it returns the updated list and i cnt think of a way to just bring up the list of ant and fish coz i cant differ them from the others if that makes sense –  Val Feb 10 '11 at 12:01

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Its not quite obvious what you want, but maybe something like this (looks for matching text of li in existing ul ands add a class 'new' for new li's found and append them to the existing ul?) :

$currentUl = $('ul'); // this is the 'ul' with its li children u have on the page
//responseUl is the 'ul' string ur getting from the ajax call
$(responseUl).children('li').each( function (index, elem){
    if ( $currentUl.find(':[innerHTML=' + $(elem).text() + ']').length < 1 ){
        $currentUl.append( $(elem).addClass('new' ));
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