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OK, I am using jqgrid to only display a subset of information.

I want to use a custom button in the nav layer to navigate to a new page where the user can enter a new record.

i.e. I want a button that says (New record" which, when clicked loads a new pagewhich contains my record input form and code.

I can create the bvutton fine, but I can't seem to find the right way to get it to call a function which loads a new page.

Any ideas??

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I use such a code to add a button to the nav layer:


<table id='mygrid'> ... </table> <!-- grid -->
<div id='mygrid-panel' class='scroll'></div> <!-- nav layer -->


$("#mygrid").navButtonAdd('#mygrid-panel', {
  caption: "New record",
  title: "Click here to add new record",
  buttonicon: "ui-icon-plusthick",
  onClickButton: function() {
     // perform something...
  position: "first"

Hope I understand you correctly what you want.

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Fabulous, worked perfectly! The mistake I was making was to put a call to a function in the parameter, not a function itself... Doh!! –  Simon S Feb 10 '11 at 12:57

Look at the old answer. Probably it is what you need?

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