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Pickle Python Serialization

Hi I am new to python. Please explain where exactly we will use pickle and give me one clear example to understand...it would be great if you could do this....

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You will come to know when you really want to serialize the data, store it and reuse it. Suppose in a particular python script, you decide to create a graph, usually the graph can be best stored as a dictionary of lists. Now, you can store them some form of a database or a flat file, in which case you would have to reconstruct the data structure when you read it back. Suppose, you think of having an ability to store the data-stucture and its contents in form and get back the exact data-structure and use it from the point go. There you have pickle coming in handy. This is very useful when you want to send your data(-structure) over the network for another program to consume. Check this simple example here and some documentation.

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