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Occasionally a job will increment an attempt and not perform the method regenerate_styles. I've noticed that if I pass a method rengerate_styles manually to whatever the failed job is - 100% of the time always fixes the problem.

So if the image is not processing, and I pass :


It works as expected.

Is it possible to write a callback that detects a failed attempt, and runs a method? Or is there something in this code distinguishing to why it would not be processing some of the time.

the model

after_save do |image|
  if image.source_changed?

def regenerate_styles!!
  self.processing = false

the photojob

class PhotoJob <
  def perform
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Starting from DelayedJob 2.1 there is an hook called :error. Just define a method called error in your job definition.

def error(job, error)
  # do whatever you want here
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Thanks Simone! That helped a bunch. – Trip Feb 10 '11 at 14:32

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