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Does HealthMonitoring have a built-in event that catches 404 errors? I have tried setting up all events (by using webBaseEvent) and I've searched for two days, but I cannot find or trigger an event for a file not found.

I could create my own, but was hoping there was a built in event.

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No, it doesn't. You'd have to create a custom event (from webrequesterrorevent) to have HM track it for you.

How to: Something like this (from memory) in Application_Error in global.asax -

public void Application_Error()
    var exception = Server.GetLastError() as HttpException;
    if (exception != null && exception.GetHttpCode() == 404)
       //custom error
       new Http404Event(this, exception).Raise();
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How/where to you catch the 404 so that you can raise a new event error of the new custom type? – Terry Dec 15 '11 at 23:08
@Terry, I updated the answer with an example. Here my custom event is called Http404Event and I raise it in the global.asax if it is a 404 error. – Tony Basallo Dec 22 '11 at 1:42

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