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Does anyone know of xmpp (or GTalk, or Jabber) C# library for WP7? Good old jabber-net won't compile against WP7 runtime.


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Apparently there's no support for multi-tasking or background polling in the WP7 API. That may make things difficult. –  apoorv020 Jun 7 '11 at 10:38

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People from ag-software have created XMPP libraries for Windows Phone 7.

News about the first release supporting WP7 MatriX development update

Download Page (s) MatriX downloads and Download directory

If you use the given installer, there is section with information about the sockets which says:

MatriX SDK Readme

version: released: 2011/04/14 Thank you for downloading our MatriX XMPP SDK for Windows Phone

MatriX is a SDK for the extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) protocol written in c#. This SDK can be used to build high quality XMPP software applications.


Windows Phone restrictions:

Windows Phone supports no sockets yet. Only HTTP WebRequests are available for communication with external servers. BOSH is an XMPP extensions for constraint clients to transport XMPP over the HTTP protocol. MatriX for Windows Phone is based on BOSH and can only connect to a BOSH conenction manager.

I hope this helps. BTW the installer version has a project sample ;-) I just noticed that it's NOT free ^_^, there are more products XMPP Libraries However they're offering free license for Open Source projects (see License)

Regards, Herber

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Windows Phone 7.1 SDK supports sockets. however I have not tried to compile Jabber.NET against the new SDK. Definitely worth a shot now that the SDK supports sockets.

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Jabber.NET is using sockets, which are not supported on Windows Phone 7. Currently, there is no public implementation of the above mentioned protocols on Windows Phone 7.

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