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I am using a liveGrid to load the data dymaically from the server. The code is working fine. Now, I need to do a small enhancement in that, and for that I need some advice.
I need to display, a generic string like "Loading...", before the data gets populated from the server.
This can be done as following :-

LiveGridView liveView = new LiveGridView();

Now, once the RPC call returns, I get my data, and I set the same in the live Grid and that works fine. But when I dont get any data from the RPC call, I need to change that "Loading..." string to a new string like "No data available on the server". So, how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Ajay

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I got the solution for this. After the data is loaded, we can add a Loader.Load listner on the loader, and check the Length of the result. If it equals zero, then change the LiveGridView's emptyText value.

Thanks Ajay

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