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How to pass an object from a xaml page to another?

I'm very new to windows phone development. I wanted to display the xml data on the second page. That means I have taken one button on the first page and if press this button it should show the data on the second page.

Any help would be appreciated greatly!

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Could you clarify, where do you get the xml data (or do you mean XAML)? –  theChrisKent Feb 10 '11 at 14:00
In my app i have added one xml file and from that file i want to display the some attributes of particular element. for example:- <ROOT><Region name = "Europe"><Country name = "United Kingdom"> <City name = "London"></City></Country></Region></ROOT> here from this xml i want to display the COUNRTY on the secondpage.xaml but before that i have taken one button on the firstpage.xaml if we click that button it should display that particular elements attributs on the secondpage.xaml i think i have made myself clear in this case. Thanks:) –  Sudhir Feb 12 '11 at 11:37