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With the following code I'm trying to execute some actions after the ajaxSubmit, but the success delegate is never fired. The ajaxSubmit code reaches the controller who succesfully handles the request with an JSON result. The model form contains an button who executes the AjaxSubmitAndClose.

function ShowModal(rendercontainerid, modalcontainerid, url) {
        if (url == '')
        $.get(url, function(data) {
                close: false,
                containerId: modalcontainerid

    function AjaxSubmitAndClose(formid) {
        var options = { 
                        beforeSubmit:  showRequest,
                        success: showResponse,
                        dataType: 'json'


    function showRequest(formData, jqForm, options) 
        $('#formSub').html('We really appreciate your feedback!');
        var queryString = $.param(formData); 
        alert('About to submit: \n\n' + queryString); 
        return true; 

    function showResponse(responseText, statusText) 
        alert('status: ' + statusText + '\n\nresponseText: \n' + responseText + 
            '\n\nThe output div should have already been updated with the responseText.'); 
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That's a lot of code. Can you please leave only what's relevant to the issue. Also, I don't get what var form = $(formid); $(form).validate(); does. Shouldn't it be form.validate() ? – Francisco Feb 10 '11 at 15:46

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If you are using ASP.NET, I believe you need to use the appendTo:'form' option for the modal:

    appendTo: 'form',
    close: false,
    containerId: modalcontainerid,
    // snip
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is this also valid if you use ASP.NET MVC? Or only with the ASP.NET Forms – JSC Feb 11 '11 at 9:44
After an test I could say this isn't valid on ASP.NET MVC – JSC Feb 11 '11 at 9:48
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After investigating this strange behavior I found an open bug.
Then I did a shot in the open and I removed dataType from the Options object and surprisingly everything was working again.

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