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i need help knowing how to post up a message in mfc project. but i need to do it in a class which is not the dialog class.

i need it to check some values in another class and i want to be able to write some message in a window or something just to check some values im hope my explanation was clear. thanks in advance for the help

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To send/post a message you can use (A) the CWnd methods SendMessage()/PostMessage() or (B) the ::SendMessage() / ::PostMessage() functions.
This can be done from anywhere, i.e. you can also send messages from non-window classes. The only thing you need is the target CWnd object (case A) or the handle of its window (case B).

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No, your question is not clear. Please try to explain better what you want to do.

This is how you post a message to a window (assuming you have a CWnd reference to your window):

m_MyWnd.PostMessage(WM_APP, 0x1234, 0x4567);
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