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how to add tag to facebook photo using php?

i have this code where $pid is id of photo , $userId is my facebook id.

sure i have use this before>

$facebook = new Facebook($appapikey, $appsecret);
$user_id = $facebook->require_login();
$test = $facebook->api_client->photos_addTag ($pid,$user_id, "text", 50.0, 50.0, '', $user_id);

$test returns 1

but photo is not tagged

can someone write me what i am doing wrong ?

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I'm aware that you are using the old SDK, but how about using the new PHP-SDK AND the new graph api and just use the old rest photos.addTag inside the new SDK. –  ifaour Feb 10 '11 at 17:38
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  //  tag photo parameter
  $pid = $uid.'_'.$pid; // pid is the photo id, after it uploaded, you need to add the owner id(uid) in front of it, and the real pid is inside the 'link' of the photo's returned json.
  //tag_uid = $uid;
  //x = percentage of x position
  //y = percentage of y position
  $access_token = $session['access_token'];

  $tag0 = array('tag_uid'=>$fd0,'x'=>'30.0','y'=>'85.0');
  $tag1 = array('tag_uid'=>$fd1,'x'=>'35.0','y'=>'85.0');
  $tag2 = array('tag_uid'=>$fd2,'x'=>'40.0','y'=>'85.0');
  $tag3 = array('tag_uid'=>$fd3,'x'=>'45.0','y'=>'85.0');
  $tag4 = array('tag_uid'=>$fd4,'x'=>'55.0','y'=>'85.0');
  $tag5 = array('tag_uid'=>$fd5,'x'=>'60.0','y'=>'85.0');
  $tag6 = array('tag_uid'=>$fd6,'x'=>'65.0','y'=>'85.0');
  $tag7 = array('tag_uid'=>$fd7,'x'=>'70.0','y'=>'85.0');

  $tags = array($tag0,$tag1,$tag2,$tag3,$tag4,$tag5,$tag6,$tag7);

However, in the new facebook policy, they seems don't prefer apps to auto tag people on the photo anymore.


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