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I wrote a bash function which do some handy tasks on entering a git repository on console. It also gives me an overview of all branches using git branch -avv

For my inconvenience, git is "flooding" me when writing the full changelog comments which often doesn't fit the console line width

Trimming these with pipes like cut -c-$(tput cols); will remove coloring if enabled in git config ;(

The Answer: is there a way to configure git in a native way, to just output the first XX chars of the commit message? My goal is to archive this without need of further command line tools I don't know collogues have had installed them.

edit: Thanks to answer #2 (Max Nanasy): use of --color option will force coloring

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What about

 git log --oneline | cut -b 1-20

May be better (without the SHA):

git log --pretty=format:'%s' | cut -b 1-20
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it's not a full LOG what I'm looking for, but just a list of branches, with coloring ('cause better readable / gives me a peak overview) – Feb 11 '11 at 8:33

git branch --color -avv | cut -c-$(tput cols)

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thanks for pointing out --color option. I precised your answer why this helped out. Nevertheless: it solves the coloring cut problem but will not answer the question: How to trim / cut in git native without other shell tools – Nov 11 '12 at 13:34

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