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How can I view analytics information - like visits, pageviews, traffic sources etc. - on my Android Market or AppStore app site? It would be quiiite interesting to see how users came to the site and how much the conversion rate is.

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See here: Is there a quick way to check current iPhone App Store rankings?

And here: Scripts to parse and download iTunes Connect and AppStore data

And here: options for mobile app store analytics (Apple, Android, OVI, etc)?

Pageviews/traffic sources info, however, is not available. For one thing, both stores exist primarily as mobile apps, not as Web pages - the very notion of Web stats does not apply.

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What you need is active user tracking and custom event tracking in mobile app. There are some options. The one I tried and works well for me is Google Mobile Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics/features/mobile.html

Other options are:

Hope that helps!

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No I don't need active user tracking (i.e. within the app). I need conversion tracking (i.e. outside the app). "Which traffic source converted in which market and how much?" – Gerold Meisinger Aug 27 '12 at 12:40
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This is already implemented in Admob Android paid campaigns (no house ads, see Tools -> Conversion Tracking).

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