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I have a service-layer Interface that extends from a base Interface; I would like to create a Pointcut around my service-layer Interface, but on one of the methods defined in the base Interface.

For instance.... I have a method in my base Interface called "save()", I put it in my base Interface since just all of my "child" Interfaces will provide "save" functionality.

I would like to create a PointCut on only one of my "child" interfaces for when my "save" gets called.

I created the pointcut like the following:

public void childServiceSavePointCut();

I then created a @Around advice around the above pointcut like the following:

public void doMyAdvice()....

where "ChildServiceInterface" extends another Interface which has the "save()" method defined.

My Advice never runs... I debugged my code and do not see my Advice in the list of Advisors for my target service.

Am I way off base thinking this will work, or am I implementing it incorrectly?

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Try this pointcut instead.

within( && execution(* save(..))
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