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We have following scenario:

create table User {Id bigint, UserName nvarchar(50), GroupId bigint}; 
create table Group {Id bigint, GroupName nvarchar(50)}; 
create view UserView as 
    SELECT u.Id, u.UserName, g.GroupName 
    from User u 
          inner join Group g on u.GroupId = g.Id 

Now I'd like to create one trigger on the view which is fired if the User table is updated or/and if the group table is updated.

Is this possible somehow using T-SQL?

Using INSTEAD OF triggers doesn't work because they are fired only if you perform updates directly to the view.


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What are you trying to achieve exactly please? – gbn Feb 10 '11 at 15:44
I want to execute T-SQL code if view data changes. Like a query notification to "select * from view" only at T-SQL level (if query notifications were possible on views...) – Bernhard Feb 10 '11 at 16:04

No, this is not possible. You'll have to define your triggers on the tables that are involved in the view in order to process changes.

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