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I am trying to figure our how to remove the label from a display group, when you look at the markup below you will see that there is a dt with the id address-label and the following dd, I want to remove these but keep the fieldset.

To add the display group I am using this $this->addDisplayGroup(array(...), 'legend' => 'address'); within my form init class after I have added each of the elements. Are there some decorators I can play with to remove the element I dont want?

<form id="CreateAddress" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" action="" method="post">
    <dl class="zend_form"> 
        <dt id="address-label">&#160;</dt>
        <dd id="address-element">
            <fieldset id="fieldset-address">
                    <dt id="addressLine1-label">
                        <label for="addressLine1" class="required">Address Line 1</label>
                    <dd id="addressLine1-element"> 
                        <input type="text" name="addressLine1" id="addressLine1" value="">




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So what's the deal?

$group = $form->getDisplayGroup ('the name of the group');
$group->removeDecorator ('Zend_Form_Decorator_DtDdWrapper');
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If you want to apply it to all Zend Form Display Groups defined (for a particular form), a neater way is:


NOTE: this only alters previously defined Display Groups.

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The removeDecorator parameter Zend_Form_Decorator_DtDdWrapper didn't work so I used:

$group = $form->getDisplayGroup('the name of the group');
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So that you don't have to manually remove the DtDd's from each display group individually, you can use:

foreach ($this->_displayGroups as $dg){
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