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(I'm new to linqpad). When using the 'Dump' extension simply to display an object graph, if my object has a collection with numeric properties, say a collection of Books with a numeric Id, the Book.Id gets totaled for all books in that collection. Is there a way to disable this default behavior?

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LINQPad doesn't show totals on columns it knows to be a primary key, but otherwise it has no way of knowing that that information isn't potentially useful.

If your books table doesn't have a primary key on ID, another issue is that you won't be able to update it via LINQ.

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Thanks Joe. "Id" was a misnomer. Any non-primary-key numeric field. I had a sample table using int for ISBN and thought it odd the ISBN's would be totaled. –  mdisibio Feb 11 '11 at 8:11
again: Nonetheless, LinqPad is just phenomenal. Having cached many of your posts to PDF, I hadn't visited your site for a long while. It is not only extremely practical, but solid quality. Huge thanks. –  mdisibio Feb 11 '11 at 8:25

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