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In my javascript, I have the following line:

__doPostBack('MyPanel', MyParam);

In my code behind, I use MyParam to query a database and bind the result to a gridview that's inside the MyPanel updatepanel. The updatemode of the updatepanel is set to conditional and in the postback part of the code I have MyPanel.Update();

The updatepanel works fine when I'm doing sorting and paging; only the panel is refreshed. However, when I trigger the updatepanel with my javascript, I see the traffic in firebug showing that the entire page is being refreshed.

What's the solution?


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My assuption: your update panel is located inside the naming container, so its id in the client side will be a little bit different from the server side ID. This means you pass the wrong __EVENTTARGET parameter to the client side __doPostBack function and your partial postback became full(meaning not async).

So changing your client code to:

__doPostBack('<%= MyPanel.ClientID %>', MyParam);

should solve the problem.

BTW, you could get the second(MyParam in your code) parameter from the server side:

var arg = Request.Params.Get("__EVENTARGUMENT");
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yes, the panel was not named properly. How do I distinguish from the sorting/paging postbacks from my custom postbacks. Yes, I can parse var arg but I'm wondering if there's another way provided by the framework. Thanks for solving my problem! –  frenchie Feb 10 '11 at 19:42
@frenchie: yep, there is another way to archive this - by implementing IPostBackEventHandler interface. –  Alex Feb 10 '11 at 19:57

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