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I have a question on whether it's wise or not to have a lot of different websites reading from one mysql database on a server, and only have prefixes eg pre_users to seperate the websites from one another different prefixes for different websites. One website may contain up to 20+tables. Or is there a better way to accomplish this. My reason behind this is the company I work for want to develop a system thats able to create websites in steps and this will then create a new db entry for every single site. Hope I make sense

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If you absolute have to use unique database why don't you use a table SITES and link the others tables like that :

SITES (ID int, ...)
USERS (Site int, ...)
TABLE1 (Site int, ...)
TABLE2 (Site int, ...)
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Why not just put a website_id column in each table instead of creating a new table for each website? The design you're proposing is usually, though not always, a poor one.

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