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I created UITabBar (not UITabBarController). How can I call tabBar: didSelectItem?

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Whatever view your UITabBar is displayed in much conform to the UITabBar Delegate Protocol.

When you initialize your UITabBar, assign it's delegate to the view it's contained within. Then within your views @interface block add <UITabBarDelegate> after your superclass declaration. This informs your view that it contains a UITabBar and whenever you select a portion of UITabBar, I want this view to be send the message tabBar: didSelectItem. From there on out it's up to you to implement how the view reacts to selecting certain items.

For more information check out the UITabBarDelegate Protocol.

Updated for comment

If you want to call it programatically you need to get a reference to the item you would have selected if you were calling this by a touch. All tab bar items are stored in an array so you can just reference it like so.

UITabBarItem *tabItem = [self.tabBar.items objectAtIndex:(index of object)];

then just call the delegate method

[self tabBar:self.tabBar didSelectItem:tabItem]; 
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i want to call this delegate in code (not using touch on screen) – Voloda2 Feb 10 '11 at 17:04
See my edit for more info. – Convolution Feb 10 '11 at 18:13

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