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I'm going berserk with this. Although http://www.prototypejs.org/api/element/insert is far from being the best documentation page ever, I struggle with a really stupid simple implementation:

$('account').insert({'top':new Element('a')});

I also tried with a plain HTML string instead of new Element(a), but it doesn't change anything... Can you spot what's wrong with what I'm doing ?

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In JavaScript, the semicolon terminates a statement. You don't want to terminate the statement there, you wanted to call .insert on the result of $('account'), so don't put a semicolon there.

According to the documentation you linked, you're also missing a set of curly braces and some quotes.

$('account').insert({'top': new Element('a')});
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; was due to a bad paste... I corrected as you say, but I still get the same error msg... –  Rolf Feb 10 '11 at 16:49

Prototype returns null from $("foo") if no element with "id" value "foo" is on the page. If you're using the "id" value "account" on multiple elements, anything might happen, so don't do that. Otherwise make sure there's an element with "id" value "account" on the page when that code runs.

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