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How would I determine if a user is online/offline using XMPPFramework for iPhone?

I have their JID etc etc. Is there a way of requesting a presence or something?

Thank you.

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Have you checked out the source code of the XMPPFramework sample project?

If I remember correctly, this should be the relevant code snippet:

// Subscribe to the buddy's presence
// <presence to="bareJID" type="subscribe"/>

NSXMLElement *presence = [NSXMLElement elementWithName:@"presence"];
[presence addAttributeWithName:@"to" stringValue:[jid bare]];
[presence addAttributeWithName:@"type" stringValue:@"subscribe"];

[xmppStream sendElement:presence];

And the callback your stream delegate gets should be

- (void)xmppStream:(XMPPStream *)sender didReceivePresence:(XMPPPresence *)presence;

I assume that you already have the xmmpframework source, if not, you can clone the repository here

hg clone https://xmppframework.googlecode.com/hg/ xmppframework

The sample projects are in the "Xcode" folder.

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That would essentially mean you would first need to get the roster then make the individual calls – user281300 Jan 28 '12 at 10:19
@puzzle hey can you give some more idea how to find particular user status online/offline ? – Dhaval Bhadania Nov 21 '14 at 5:20

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