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I have upgraded PHP and now I'm getting the eregi deprecated errors.

I have done some searching round web and found that I can use preg instead but not sure how to change this code correctly

eregi("^$row->baseUrl", $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"])

my attempt is:

preg_match("^$row->baseUrl/i", $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"])

but I'm not sure if this is right.

Can someone check and advise?

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You don’t need regular expressions at all:

strcasecmp(substr($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"], 0, strlen($row->baseUrl)), $row->baseUrl) === 0

This grabs the prefix of $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"] with at most the same length of $row->baseUrl and uses strcasecmp to do a case-insensitive comparison.

But if you want to use regular expressions with PHP’s PCRE functions, you need to use delimiters (here / like you attempted) and quote the value properly:

"/^".preg_quote($row->baseUrl, "/")."/i"
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As Gumbo has suggested, you don't need to use regular expressions for your particular problem. However, you should be using stripos() to search strings.

// script name is at the start of the string
stripos("{$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']}/", $row->baseUrl) === 0; 
// or; string name exists within the string
stripos("{$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']}/", $row->baseUrl) !== false;

You can also use strpos() which is a case-sensitive equivalent.

If you want to use preg_match your regular expression should be:

preg_match("#^{$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']}/#i", $row->baseUrl) === 1
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