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I just read in an online article that 2.2.1 does not support previous sdk. I wonder what that means? I just downloaded 2.2.1 and want to use updated/latest API's framework.

How can i convert my project so that it uses updated/latest API's/Frameworks in version 2.2.1? Are there any special steps required OR should i just 1.) delete 2.1 and 2.) install 2.2.1, and 3.) delete the Frameworks and reload them from iPhoneOS2.2.sdk directory instead, and that will do the magic.


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I don't believe there are any obvious changes. Download the current SDK, and open your project in the current XCode, and you should be fine. –  Paul Tomblin Jan 30 '09 at 16:07

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It's safe to install. You don't have to "convert" anything. Your projects will continue to work. There are no new API's in 2.2.1. The documentation is a single page that tells you to refer to the 2.2 documentation.

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