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When working with a Qt GUI application, what is the need for registering a user-defined class which is not derived from Q_OBJECT ?? I am referring to the use of qRegisterMetaType("ClassName").

Thanks, Vishnu

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From Qt's documentation of QtMetaType :

The QMetaType class manages named types in the meta-object system. The class is used as a helper to marshall types in QVariant and in queued signals and slots connections. It associates a type name to a type so that it can be created and destructed dynamically at run-time. Declare new types with Q_DECLARE_METATYPE() to make them available to QVariant and other template-based functions. Call qRegisterMetaType() to make type available to non-template based functions, such as the queued signal and slot connections.

Registering your custom type with qRegisterMetaType() lets you use it in signals and slots, as well as other "non-template based functions"

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It's only needed for queued signal/slots connections though, not for direct connections (the default). – Frank Osterfeld Feb 10 '11 at 22:08

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