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I'm attempting to pass a string to my "start" method via a simple web service client. Even though I've set the value of "prefix", which "start" is looking for, it still continues to pass only a NULL value.

This is the returned output:

object(stdClass)#3 (1) { ["processId"]=> string(6) "701019" } 
string(304) "701019" 

string(258) " " //THIS IS WHERE I SHOULD SEE 'GenesisID'

Code is below. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


$client = new SoapClient('C:\wsdl\BenefitDeterminationProcess_BenefitDialogueServiceSOAP.wsdl', array('trace' => 1));

$param = array("prefix"=>'GenesisID:');

$result = $client->__soapCall('start',
        array(new SoapParam('prefix', 'GenesisID')),
        array('soapaction' => 'C:\wsdl\BenefitDeterminationProcess_BenefitDialogueServiceSOAP\start'));

$respXML = $client->__getLastResponse();
$requXML = $client->__getLastRequest();

echo "<p>";
echo "<p>";
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If "GenesisID" is supposed to be your value, then you have used the SoapParam constructor in a wrong way.

From the PHP Manual:

SoapParam::__construct ( mixed $data , string $name )

So the constructor call should be:

new SoapParam('GenesisID', 'prefix')
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GenesisID is the value I expect to be passed, but even when switching prefix and GenesisID in the SoapParam, I'm still not getting anything. –  user464180 Feb 10 '11 at 20:30

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