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What is the default value of unsigned int in c#?

For ex: int, its 0, i want to know for unsigned int, will unsigned int support assigning null value to it?

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Use this to figure it out:

default(uint); //0

To assign a null value to it you need to use a Nullable<uint> or just uint?. Now if you have a uint? you can do the same thing to see it supports a null value.

default(uint?); //null
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It's zero, and no you can't assign null to it. You can, however, assign a null to int? or uint? - also known as Nullable<Int32> and Nullable<UInt32>.

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The default value of any struct, including unsigned int ([mscorlib]System.UInt32) is all-zeros, which is 0 for a uint.

You can't assign null to any struct, but you can use Nullable<uint> (aka uint?) if you want a uint that can be assigned null.

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