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Note : pinax 0.7.3

I'm just running a clone of basic_project with sqlite3.

It was working fine yest. Hibernated my laptop and when I opened and try to login again, I got -
no such table: profiles_profile

Opened the database dev.db using the sqlite3 client and I don't see it there.

Stopped the server, deleted the DB, did a syncdb which created a completely new dev.db and it too is missing the table. I was looking into the views.py of the profiles app, but I'm sure I didn't do any Dodo in it.

The settings.py has the basic_profiles as installed apps.

The exception shows the query fired as -
'SELECT "profiles_profile"."id", "profiles_profile"."user_id", "profiles_profile"."name", "profiles_profile"."about", "profiles_profile"."location", "profiles_profile"."website" FROM "profiles_profile" WHERE "profiles_profile"."user_id" = ? '

That table structure is the same as of basic_profiles, Can't figure where I could've mistyped while viewing these files.

Any pointers ?

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I have the exact same problem.. –  Sakin May 14 '11 at 23:00

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Didn't figure where I messed up, hence I cloned the project again and haven't seen the issue.

Pretty sure it was my fault though.

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