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I'm trying to come up to speed on BizTalk 2010. I've been a .NET Web Developer for almost 10 years. I have some experience with SQL Server Integration Services however BizTalk is a world of different.

Please advise.

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You are right that BizTalk is quite different, though both .NET development and SQL experience will be helpful.

Since Microsoft's list is a bit out of date, here is my short list of BizTalk books (with Amazon affiliate links):

After you've figured out the what, how, and why, then there are additional resources to take you deeper into the specific realms of BizTalk that you might want to use:

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If you want to read one book to understand about BizTalk then I'll recommend "Professional BizTalk Server 2006" authored by Darren Jefford , Kevin B. Smith , Ewan Fairweather http://www.amazon.co.uk/Professional-BizTalk-Server-Darren-Jefford/dp/0470046422

It says 2006, but the concepts are still the same from 2004 to 2010 R2

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