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I'm trying to update my Google Maps API web application that I had running fine under version two. Version three seems not only to have broken everything but also has placed the burden of writing one's own versions of a lot of missing API functions that are no longer there.

Soooo, what was a relatively simple adaptation of their "store locator" example under version two has turned into a gigantic headache.

More specifically, my problem is parsing the XML document that my PHP/mySQL code returns after the user has entered some data into the web page and sent it off to the server. I know that the test data that I've been entering works because, 1. it worked flawlessly under V2, and 2., If I hardcode it into the PHP page and then load that page I get the expectant XML document loaded in my browser (Firefox 3.6.13 running on Snow Leopard).

Update: After very careful tracing with Firebug I've discovered that "downloadUrl" function from here is returning the data correctly.

However, it looks like the function "GXml.parse(data)" ( from here) isn't processing the returned XML. I'm pasting that code below:

    function GXml(){}

function value(node){
     var retStr="";
     }else if(node.nodeType==1||node.nodeType==9||node.nodeType==11){
            for(var i=0;i<node.childNodes.length;++i){
     return retStr;

function parse(textDoc){
            if(typeof ActiveXObject!="undefined"&&typeof GetObject!="undefined"){
                 var b=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");
                 return b;
            }else if(typeof DOMParser!="undefined"){
                 return(new DOMParser()).parseFromString(textDoc,"text/xml");
                 return Wb(textDoc);
            return Wb(textDoc);
            return document.createElement("div");

function P(){}

function Wb(a){
     return null;
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I dont bother parsing XML anymore.. much easier to convert it to JSON and stream it directly into objects.. one example:

Is this the fastest way to parse my XML into JavaScript objects using jQuery?


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The xml2json library doesn't seem to work at all. – Yster Apr 27 at 12:10

I'm having the same problems, but I found this after a little bit of search. I haven't followed the tutorial through all the way yet, but I thought I'd go ahead and share it.


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