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I'm trying to filter a dataset using weka's java API. I've successfully filtered the attributes I want with a stringToWordVector filter in Weka's GUI but I can't seem to do the same in my java code. I copied and pasted the auto-generated filtering parameters and posted them into my code but am continuing to get errors. Currently, my code looks like this:

Instances newInsts = new Instances(this.instances);
StringToWordVector stringFilter = new StringToWordVector();
            weka.core.Utils.splitOptions("-R 1,2,3,4,8 -W 1000 
                                          -prune-rate -1.0 -N 0 -stemmer
                                           weka.core.stemmers.NullStemmer -M 1
                                          -tokenizer \"weka.core.tokenizers.WordTokenizer 
                                          -delimiters \" \\r\\n\\t.,;:\\\'\\\"()?!\""));
newInsts = Filter.useFilter(newInsts, stringFilter);

But I keep getting this error in my eclipse console: No value given for -delimiters option.

(I added extra spacing for readability in the above code. I suspect this has something to do with escaping characters/quotations marks...)


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You can actually omit most of the options, as they are the defaults for StringToWordVector. The delimiters you're trying to pass are the default delimiters in the default tokenizer, WordTokenizer, which are:

' \r\n\t.,;:'"()?!'
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Right, but my question was really about why I was getting the "No value given for -delimiters option". I did try to omit some of the options like you suggested which worked but then, after changing another piece of code, I got the original parameter string to work as well. It looks like my problem was a different bug in my code that was tripping that error message for some reason. – akobre01 Feb 11 '11 at 15:41
Glad you got it sorted out. Perhaps include more code if you still want to track down the root cause of the error? – michaeltwofish Feb 12 '11 at 4:10

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