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How do I preview what the size of widgets in a window will be after the layout rules are applied, before I actually show() the widget window? It seems all sizes are 100x30 before that initial show() command. How do I go around that?

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What do you need this for? –  Piotr Dobrogost Feb 10 '11 at 22:05
MY own widget window class, examines the size of objects and adding dynamic widgets at construction time. I need to measure sizes of how things will look AFTER a layout at that phase. –  RM1970 Feb 10 '11 at 22:47

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The invalidate() worked for me.

Notice that if you do the following it would work as asked here (at least it seems to be fine in my code):


This doesn't show the widget on the screen since you don't relinquish control back to the queue until the hide() happens. In between, the invalidate() computes the correct positions.

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You could try googling for "qt geometry before show" which shows a thread titled Force geometry update of hidden widget on qtcentre.org forum where you can read Wysota answer:

You can call invalidate() on the layout. It should recalculate itself then. If not then there is this secret attribute that convinces the widget it is being shown and then you should be able to force its layout to recalculate. But try other things first, this is not something very reliable.

and this

Qt::WA_WState_ExplicitShowHide set to true and Qt::WA_WState_Hidden set to false. Be sure to revert the values (especially the second one) before you actually show the widget on screen.

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For me, the following worked:


This probably does the same as Alexis' answer but it doesn't require showing-then-hiding the window.

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This did the trick for me too! I was trying to center my window on the screen. It was consistently off until I added those two lines right before I centered the window. –  Onlyjus Mar 18 at 14:11

Use QWidget::sizeHint to get the desired size of the top level widget based on the sizeHints of all child widgets and layouts. Or call QWidget::adjustSize to actually run the layout and resize the entire widget tree. Note that adjustSize will limit top level windows to 2/3 of the screen so you may not get what you want for large windows.

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