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I have a method set to the click event handler in several Buttons and ToolStripMenuItems.

I want to get the Tag property of the sender to see which was clicked, but seems like ToolStripMenuItems can't be casted to Control.

How can I get the Tag property of both Buttons and ToolStripMenuItems?

Here's a simplified version of my method.

private void menu_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        switch (((Control)sender).Tag.ToString())
            case "X":
                // do something
            case "Y":
                //do something else
                //something else


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Because there's no common base class or interface of Button and ToolStripMenuItem that defines Tag, you will need to do a cast:

internal static object GetTag(object sender)
  Button button = sender as Button;
  ToolStripItem tsi = sender as ToolStripItem;

  if (button != null)
    return button.Tag;
  if (tsi != null)
    return tsi.Tag;

  throw new ArgumentException("Unexpected sender");
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Thank you! That works. I though the as operator was just another way to say (type)object – solarc Feb 10 '11 at 23:44

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