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Check out the source code here:


check out the script here


Here is the issue... the footer prints fine on every page except for the last page. The last page never has a footer. If there is only one page in the document the footer will not print at all.

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Could you post your code? –  jpwco Feb 10 '11 at 23:11
He did... it's in the first link. –  Mark Storer Feb 10 '11 at 23:33

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OK I couldn't figure it out, but i was able to copy a co-workers example that worked. If anyone wants the source code here it is:

I can't get the stack overflow system to accept the code so I posted it here: http://www.savvior.com/makepdf.txt

Comparing this new code to my old reveals no insight into why this works... in fact the example in the TCPDF examples folder exhibits the same issue, however if you run it from their website the footer is displayed correctly. Well anyway hope this helps someone

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I know nothing about TCPDF save what I just learned going through their docs.

It looks like Footer() is only called for you when you explicitly call AddPage(), at which point it is added to the PREVIOUS PAGE. The rest of the time I believe you have to call it yourself.

There's also this whole StartPage()/EndPage() thing that sounds like an alternative to AddPage().

You might want to: "start page, header, draw text, footer, end page" instead. It looks like Write() calls AddPage() for you, which is why the headers and footers on all-but-the-last-page are present.

Bottom Line: Just call Footer() after you call Write() in this example. Real world examples will almost certainly be a bit more complex.

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thanks man, never did figure it out, but got around it by starting over... see below –  ladieu Feb 11 '11 at 15:34

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