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I just downloaded MonoDevelop for my Mac, but I cannot figure out how to install it.

Does anyone know exactly what to type in the terminal to get it to install?

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The recently updated Mono 1.2.6 package for MacOS X contains Imendio's Native Gtk+ for OSX (, Gtk# and MonoDevelop 0.18.1 with Mac support. It is now available from Mono's downloads ( page.

It appears that you have to run all three of these installs to get it to work

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Not any more - they've removed it, and the only way to get it is to build from source, apparently. Google had this page as top hit. – Adam yesterday

this link might be helpful for new comers. Mono:OsX

follow the link below if you are interested in Building Monodevelop in os X:

Building mono develop

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