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So, my JAVA application is connected to different WebServices that were developed inhouse and all 3 of them are packaged under org.tempuri

This is the default namespace I believe and when the wizard creates the Java packages it places them under org.tempuri.. I wanted to change them to give them meaningful names but then my app exploded :(

Can I just go into the .wsdl and change the namespace and repackage it all? Or some way that I can change package "org.tempuri" to ""

I would do a trial and error on my free time, but it would take me a couple of days since the job has other priorities..., so I'm hoping that an answer is faster.

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You should look into wsimport.

Wsimport will allow you to import directly from a WSDL and one of the parameters in the output project.

wsimport -p -d src/ -wsdllocation 
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If you're using RAD or WID, yes.. it can be done really fast if you refactor the namespace (which would change the WSDL) and then you just have to regen.

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