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I am exposing an event from F# to C# like this:

let event = new DelegateEvent<EventHandler>()
member x.Ping() = event.Trigger([| x; EventArgs.Empty |])
member x.PingEvent = event.Publish

But I'd like some code to run whenever handlers are added or removed. I think this can be done in C# like this:

public event EventHandler PingEvent
        //do something
        //do something

How do I write the above in F#?

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In F#, you can define events with implementations of the IDelegateEvent<_> interface (or the IEvent<_> or IEvent<_,_> interfaces which derive from it). So you can do something like this:

let customEvent add remove =
  { new IDelegateEvent<_> with
        member this.AddHandler del = add del
        member this.RemoveHandler del = remove del }

type MyType() =
  let ev = customEvent (* your add handler *) (* your remove handler *)

  member this.myEvent = ev
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I think the new Event<'a>() on the first line is unnecessary. Did you want to write just { new IEvent<'a> with ... }? As it is, it creates an implementation of IEvent that also inherits Event, but the base class is not used for anything (and shouldn't be needed). –  Tomas Petricek Feb 11 '11 at 1:48
@Tomas - you're absolutely right. I'll edit my answer. –  kvb Feb 11 '11 at 1:52
Worked like a charm. Thank you! –  petebu Feb 11 '11 at 2:11

You could also wrap an event if you wanted triggering.

type MonitoredEvent<'a>(add, remove) =
    inherit Event<'a>() 

    let bp = base.Publish
    let p = { new IEvent<'a> with 
                member this.AddHandler del = 
                    bp.AddHandler del
                member this.RemoveHandler del = 
                    bp.RemoveHandler del
                member this.Subscribe o = 
                    failwith "Not implemented"

    member this.Publish = p

type Something() =
    let mutable listeners = 0
    let add() = listeners <- listeners + 1
    let remove() = listeners <- listeners - 1
    let me = new MonitoredEvent<_>(add, remove)

    member this.Ping x = me.Trigger (sprintf "%d %s" listeners x)

    member this.PingEvent = me.Publish

let computer = new Something()
computer.PingEvent.Add(printfn "%s")
computer.Ping "first"
computer.PingEvent.Add(printfn "-%s-")
computer.Ping "second"


1 first
2 second
-2 second-
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