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The following gives me only 1 file, the exe:

      <AssembliesToMerge Include="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\App\bin\Release\*.*" Condition="'%(Extension)'=='.dll'"/>
      <AssembliesTomerge Include="$(MSbuildProjectDirectory)\App\bin\Release\App.exe"/>

If I remove the Condition attribute, AssembliesToMerge contains all the files in the directory--dlls and otherwise. What am I doing wrong?

I am testing this via the ILMerge MSBuildCommunityExtensions Task. If there is a way to directly print the items in the ItemGroup, then that might help to ensure it's an issue with the Condition attribute.

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Just use a wildcard in Include to filter dll files (Items wildcard)

  <AssembliesToMerge Include="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\App\bin\Release\*.dll"/>
  <AssembliesTomerge Include="$(MSbuildProjectDirectory)\App\bin\Release\App.exe"/>

I think it doesn't work using the Condition attribute because Item metadatas aren't set yet during creation, so %(Extension) is empty.

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Haha, thanks. Boy do I feel sheepish :) –  Sam Pearson Feb 11 '11 at 8:24

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