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from dionaea.core import ihandler, incident, g_dionaea
from dionaea.util import md5file, sha512file
from dionaea import pyev

import logging
import json
import uuid

logger = logging.getLogger('submit_http')

class submmithttp_report:
    def __init__(self, sha512h, md5, filepath):
        self.sha512h, self.md5h, self.filepath = sha512h, filepath
        self.saddr,, self.daddr, self.dport = ('', )*4
        self.download_url = ''

class handler(ihandler):
    def __init__(self, path):
        logger.debug("%s ready!" % (self.__class__.__name__))
        ihandler.__init__(self, path)
        mwsconfig = g_dionaea.config()['modules']['python']['submit_http']
        self.backendurl = mwsconfig['url'] = 'email' in mwsconfig and mwsconfig['email'] or ''
        self.user = 'user' in mwsconfig and mwsconfig['user'] or ''
        self.password = 'pass' in mwsconfig and mwsconfig['pass'] or ''
        self.cookies = {}

        # heartbeats
        dinfo = g_dionaea.version() = 'dionaea {0} {1}/{2} - {3} {4}'.format(
        self.loop = pyev.default_loop()

    def handle_incident(self, icd):

    def handle_incident_dionaea_download_complete_unique(self, icd):
        cookie = str(uuid.uuid4())

        i = incident("dionaea.upload.request")
        i._url = self.backendurl

        i.sha512 = sha512file(icd.file)
        i.md5 = md5file(icd.file) =
        i.user = self.user
        i.password = self.password

        mr = submithttp_report(i.sha512, i.md5, icd.file)

        if hasattr(icd, 'con'):
            i.source_host =
            i.source_port = str(icd.con.remote.port)
            i.target_host =
            i.target_port = str(icd.con.local.port)
            mr.saddr,, mr.daddr, mr.dport = i.saddr,, i.daddr, i.dport
        if hasattr(icd, 'url'):
            i.download_url = icd.url
            mr.download_url = icd.url

        i._callback = "dionaea.modules.python.submithttp.result"
        i._userdata = cookie

        self.cookies[cookie] = mr

    # handle agains in the same way
    handle_incident_dionaea_download_complete_again = handle_incident_dionaea_download_complete_unique

    def handle_incident_dionaea_modules_python_submithttp_result(self, icd):
        fh = open(icd.path, mode="rb")
        c ="submithttp result: {0}".format(c))

        cookie = icd._userdata
        mr = self.cookies[cookie]

        # does backend want us to upload?
        if b'UNKNOWN' in c or b'S_FILEREQUEST' in c:
            i = incident("dionaea.upload.request")
            i._url = self.backendurl

            i.sha512 = mr.sha512h
            i.md5 = mr.md5h
            i.user = self.user
            i.password = self.password

            i.set('file://data', mr.filepath)

            i.source_host = mr.saddr
            i.source_port =
            i.target_host = mr.daddr
            i.target_port = mr.dport
            i.download_url = mr.download_url

            i._callback = "dionaea.modules.python.submithttp.uploadresult"
            i._userdata = cookie


    def handle_incident_dionaea_modules_python_submithttp_uploadresult(self, icd):
        fh = open(icd.path, mode="rb")
        c ="submithttp uploadresult: {0}".format(c))

        del self.cookies[icd._userdata]

When the honeypot call this module the following error appears:

NameError at NameError("global name 'submithttp_report' is not defined",)
[11022011 00:27:30] python module.c:984: /opt/dionaea/lib/dionaea/python/dionaea/ in handle_incident_dionaea_download_complete_unique
[11022011 00:27:30] python module.c:985:     mr = submithttp_report(i.sha512, i.md5, icd.file)
[11022011 00:27:30] python module.c:984: binding.pyx:975 in dionaea.core.c_python_ihandler_cb (binding.c:8605)

Thanck you guys!

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Class name is submmithttp_report but you are calling submithttp_report

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(To be even more explicit: there are 2 m characters in the class definition name.) – Amber Feb 11 '11 at 0:38
I am at two hours looking at the code and have not noticed, as I saw today thousands of lines of code is normal that not noticed. I apologize and thank you! – x13 Feb 11 '11 at 0:51
Now i have this stupid error, but this seems to me that any bug in python or am I wrong? Error: ValueError at ValueError('need more than 2 values to unpack',) [11022011 00:44:53] python module.c:984: /opt/dionaea/lib/dionaea/python/dionaea/ in init [11022011 00:44:53] python module.c:985: self.sha512h, self.md5h, self.filepath = sha512h, filepath – x13 Feb 11 '11 at 0:52
I think I have corrected the last error! – x13 Feb 11 '11 at 1:01

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