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Sometimes, a fixed-width, single-line textbox in winforms with C# Visual Studio 2010 contains just the right width of characters that the boundary between two characters (or words) lines up with the edge of the textbox making it impossible to tell there is more text without clicking and dragging with the mouse.

What are the best practices for indicating there is more text?

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This is exactly how it works in every other application. Not sure why you feel the need to change it. This is one of those attempts to work around the standard UI that provides only minimal benefits and adds a lot of extra complexity. – Cody Gray Feb 11 '11 at 5:01
@Cody Gray People using my application have gotten confused and data has been lost because of this "standard" behavior. – ryantm Feb 14 '11 at 22:10
Do the people using your application have that same problem with other applications? Because if not, there is something seriously wrong with your application's design. Everything else works the same way, and your users manage to do just fine there. You need to identify what makes yours different and fix that instead. – Cody Gray Feb 15 '11 at 4:39
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Either simply don't use use a Single line Textbox

Or as I did.. created a custom text box control inheriting the TextBox Class and made it to look like Shekha... when it overflows and it is not focused and when it has focus set the Text back to Shekhar_Pro or whatever it was originally.

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This cannot be a real problem, the user typed in the text herself a minute ago. She knows that the text got clipped.

Do make sure that you don't use a TextBox to display text yourself. That requires a Label. And it has the AutoEllipsis property to automatically display ... if the text doesn't fit the MaximumSize of the label. And an automatic tooltip to display the rest.

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I've used the code in this article:

Auto Ellipsis

The author extends TextBox to create a text box control that shortens text to fit and does a reasonable job of using ellipses to indicate it had to do this.

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