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I have a brick file of the bioclim variables, the brick was merged from four 30sec tile brick, so it is a little bit large. I would like to get the brick file of my research area by cutting it using a polygon as boundary. What should I do? Otherwise, if it is not possible to do with brick, can I do it with raster?

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What is the format? Raster or adehabitat may do it, and I have some customized functions for dealing with .asc bioclim files. –  J. Won. Feb 11 '11 at 3:23
It is raster or brick from raster package, also know as "grd". It is the default format of raster package. –  Marco Feb 11 '11 at 3:39

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Check out extent() if you want to crop the brick to a smaller rectangle. Also drawExtent() if you would rather choose by clicking.

EDIT: Since you used the terms "cut" and "mask" I am not sure I have understood correctly, but here are two ways that might help. You could even use both.

# an example with dimensions: 77, 101, 3  (nrow, ncol, nlayers)
myGrid_Brick <- brick(system.file("external/rlogo.grd", package="raster"))

# a simple polygon within those dimensions
myTriangle_P <- Polygon(cbind(c(10, 80, 50, 10), c(10, 20, 65, 10)))
myTriangle_Ps <- Polygons(list(myTriangle_P), "fubar")
myTriangle_SP <- SpatialPolygons(list(myTriangle_Ps))
myTriangle_Ras <- rasterize(myTriangle_SP, myBrick)

# this will crop a brick to minimal rectangle that circumscribes the polygon
# extent(myCrop) is smaller than extent(myGrid) but no values are changed
myCrop_Brick <- crop(myGrid_Brick, myTriangle_SP)

# while this converts every coordinate that is NA in
# the mask to become NA in the returned brick
# while leaving the brick extent unchanged
myMask_Brick <- mask(myGrid_Brick, myTriangle_Ras)
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Thanks Jonw! I think the crop(), extent() or drawExtent() is not for constraining the "bounday" or "Mask" but only for extent, that is the four corner of the grid. In another word, I want to know is there any way that all my steps can only take effects within that boundary? –  Marco Feb 11 '11 at 5:38
Thanks again jonw! I think mask is the one I need! –  Marco Feb 11 '11 at 11:38
@Marco: If this is the right answer, you can mark it for future users to see, by clicking the checkmark next to the number of votes. Also, I will get some points if you accept my answer. :) –  J. Won. Mar 1 '11 at 20:01

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