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I have requirement to pop up alert dialog which is like a EULA screen. Which will have text describing EULA with a checkbox "Don't show this again" and in the end 2 buttons for OK and Cancel.

Any help regarding the same is appreciated.

Is it possible to have textview and checkbox as part of alert dialog ? If yes, how to do that ? any sample code is appreciated.

-Thanks & regards, Manju

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An EULA never have a 'Don't show this again' kinda thing. Provide only Agree and Disagree button at the bottom. And put a link to your EULA in some menu in your program, so that users can view it any time they wish. –  Mudassir Feb 11 '11 at 3:25
Also if this is not the best design solution for EULA, this can be needed for other dialogs that could optionally perform an further action. –  Treviño Jul 15 '11 at 17:52

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I have to agree with Mudassir, EULAs are not suppose to have "Don't show again" checkboxes, but here's how you could go about doing something like that though.

You can use a AlertDialog.Builder to build a dialog box that contains a view (which you can design in XML). Here's an example

AlertDialog.Builder eulaBuilder = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
            LayoutInflater eulaInflater = LayoutInflater.from(this);
            View eulaLayout = eulaInflater.inflate(R.layout.eula, null);
            Checkbox dontShowAgain = (CheckBox)eulaLayout.findViewById(R.id.dontShowAgain);
            eulaBuilder.setPositiveButton("Agree", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
                public void onClick(DialogInterface d, int m) {
                    // Do something
            eulaBuilder.setNegativeButton("Disagree", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
                public void onClick(DialogInterface d, int m) {
                    // Do something
            eulaMsg = eulaBuilder.create();

What you can do is create an XML with a single object, CheckBox. Then add the view into the AlertDialog.Builder. Use AlertDialog.Builder.setMessage("EULA message here") to set your EULA message.

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I think this solution is missing one line eulaBuilder.setView(eulaLayout); –  Juhani Jan 2 '12 at 10:29

Look at these two different method:

1) First method more simply and very fast:

CheckBox checkBox = new CheckBox(this);
checkBox.setText("This is your checkbox message");
LinearLayout linearLayout = new LinearLayout(this);
linearLayout.setLayoutParams( new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(LinearLayout.LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT,

AlertDialog.Builder alertDialogBuilder = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
alertDialogBuilder.setTitle("This is the title of alert dialog");
alertDialogBuilder.setMessage("This is the message of alert dialog");
alertDialogBuilder.setPositiveButton("Ok", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(DialogInterface arg0, int arg1) {
          // do something

2) Second method, with a more customized layout:

look this page, there is also the XML code to create the checkbox.

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It has past a lot of time, but could you remember in the first method how would yo obtain the checkbox value inside the AlertDialog? –  Ignacio Rubio Dec 16 '14 at 11:37
You can use the checkbox (previously marked as final) inside the "onClick". So, the "isChecked()" method is available and runs ok!. Thanks! –  Ignacio Rubio Dec 16 '14 at 11:50

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