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I'm using Rails to get data from Postgresql by passing dynamic column and table name.

I cannot use ActiveRecord because the shape data that is imported from shapefile is dynamic both table and column name. I have to use double quote with a column name in the query to avoid problem such column name: "addr:city" for example.

def find_by_column_and_table(column_name, shape_table_name)
            sql = "SELECT \"#{column_name}\" FROM \"#{shape_table_name}\" WHERE \"#{column_name}\" IS NOT NULL"

2 examples of generated sql statement:

SELECT "place" FROM "shp_6c998258-32a6-11e0-b34b-080027997e00"
SELECT "addr:province" FROM "shp_6c998258-32a6-11e0-b34b-080027997e00"

I want to make sure there is no sql injection in the query.

Could anyone point me how to solve this issue?

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The recommended way to prevent injection, speed up your query and catch errors is to use positional parameters or stored proceedures. Anything less is asking for trouble.

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Those don't work with SQL identifiers though. We do a lot of this sort of thing in LedgerSMB in stored procedures, but both Perl and plpgsql have ways of handling this. I don't know about Ruby. –  Chris Travers Oct 5 '12 at 2:36
I am voting this up because I don't really know of a better way to do this on ruby, but I would note that in pl/pgsql you would have to use EXECUTE, inline your dynamic identifiers, and use quote_ident(my_identifer) to escape them. –  Chris Travers Oct 5 '12 at 2:39

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