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Is it possible to create an attribute of type Partylist in Microsoft Dynamics Crm 4.0?

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The PartyList type is basically a system control to display a n:n relationship on emails. Right now, we are not allowed to create new attributes of type PartyList.

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<attribute PhysicalName="to">
    <Description description="Sending Mails to the specified Users." languagecode="1033" />
  <Format />
    <LookupType id="f93fb506-2341-db11-898a-0007e9e17ebd">8</LookupType>
    <displayname description="Users" languagecode="1033" />

Just add code to any entity where you want Party list attribute. Tested working Fine.

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This is unsupported and may prevent Microsoft support from helping you out if you ever have an issue. – Matt Feb 25 '11 at 17:59

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