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I have two models:

Thread (id, title)
ThreadParticipation (id, thread_id, user_id)

I want to define something like:

can :create, ThreadParticipation if the user is a ThreadParticipation


    thread: (1, 'hello world')
    thread_participation: (313, 1, 13) -- where 13 is the user_id

I tried:

can :create, ThreadParticipation, :thread_participations => { :user_id => }

But that errors. Any ideas?

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Was it a very very very very very severe error ? :D It's hard to diagnose without some error message! – Zabba Feb 11 '11 at 4:49

Thread in general is just a bad model name, because it will clash with the Thread class defined in Ruby. I implemented this just recently. In my example, I have forums and topics. A person shouldn't be able to create a new topic in a forum they don't have read access to.

I defined a custom permission on the Forum object called create_topic for this:

can :create_topic, Forem::Forum do |forum|
  can?(:read, forum) && user.can_create_forem_topics?(forum)

Where can_create_forem_topics? is just defined on the User model like this:

def can_create_forem_topics?(forum)
  # code goes here

Then I just use this custom :create_topic ability in the new and create actions in my TopicsController, where @forum is defined by a before_filter:

authorize! :create_topic, @forum

And if I need to use it in views:

can? :create_topic, @forum

by defining a custom permission on the parent object,

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I'm currently trying to achieve something similiar, but I don't have the whole sight into this. Try this:

can :create, ThreadParticipation => Thread, do |participation, thread|
  # your definition here

This should also work without a block.

EDIT: drop the part above, that doesn't work yet in CanCan. I implemented my own solution, but it requires you to authorize controller actions manually, which is not as beautify, but more secure in my opinion.

I implemented it this way for my project:

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Thanks but I'm confused. This is CanCan supported or not? I'm really looking for a CanCan solution w/o adding more complexity... – AnApprentice Feb 11 '11 at 17:26
CanCan doesn't support nested resources at the moment (IMO). The gist solution IS a CanCan solution, look at it again. I just don't use can? ... in my views but user_ability.can? because with can? you can only take one argument (current_user or whatever). wehn creating an ability by yourself, you can define more (like in my example, user and company) and can work on this. – pduersteler Feb 12 '11 at 16:19

Normally you would user


not current_user

within ability.rb. Is this your error? As well your ability is specified incorrectly. You want

can :create, ThreadParticipation, :user_id =>

Note that :user_id is a property of ThreadParticipation model

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