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I'm trying to get the screenshot of a given URL as a bitmap image on the Windows Phone. The WebBrowser class does not seem to have the DrawToBitmap method.

Any pointers on how to get this working?

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You can't take a screenshot of the WebBrowser Control as there seems to be a bug with the way it works with WriteableBitmaps. An alternative method could be to send the URL to a web service which takes a screenshot on the server and returns it back to your app.

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Use WriteableBitmap to render the WebBrowser control and its contents to a bitmap as described by Laurent's article Taking a screenshot from within a Silverlight #WP7 application, which also explains how to save it to the media library.

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The article mentions that it doesnt work on the contents of a WebBrowser Control. That is exactly what I wanted to do... –  thunderboltz Feb 13 '11 at 7:23

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