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I have a web site in dotnetnuke, its domain is Now I want to move all the files from the dotnetnuke folder to the root. But I don't know how it is. What are the steps that I must follow to do this?

Does any one know?? Please help me .........

Thanks in advance

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There will be a total of three things you need to do.

  1. Add a new portal alias to the DNN site to support the domain name only. You can do this via "Admin" -> "Site Settings" when logged in as a host user.

  2. You will need to then copy all of the files from the /dotnetnuke folder to the root

  3. You might need to modify text/html module instances to correct any links to images that might include the /dotnetnuke folder within the URL.

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  1. Set the domain up in IIS. All sites/portals must point to the same folder in IIS. Always the root folder for DotNetNuke. Mine for example is: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\DotNetNuke\ This means that and (and any other) point to the same physical folder in IIS. (Provided you your DNS is already pointing to your server here)

  2. Create a 2nd alias for your existing portal.

    • Log In as Host and go to Host/Portals
    • Click on Edit (pencil) next to your existing portal.
    • In the Advanced Settings, expand Portal Aliases
    • Click on 'Add a new Alias
    • Enter your domain in the text box and save your changes.

No need to move any files.

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If your wanting to point the whole site into the dotnetnuke section you need to change the root folder on IIS to the dotnetnuke one.

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