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I'd like take both C# and VB.NET suggestion.

I have a simple ListView with DataPager like the following:

<asp:ListView ID="lvStudent" runat="server">
        <table id="TimeSheet" cellspacing="1" class="tablesorter">


                        <asp:LinkButton ID="lnkByName" runat="server">Name</asp:LinkButton>
                         <asp:CheckBox ID="selectAll" runat="server" OnClick="selectAll(this)"/>

                <tr id="itemPlaceholder" runat="server" />
        <td class="id">

                <asp:HiddenField ID="hfId" runat="server" Value='<%#Eval("Id")%>' />

                <asp:CheckBox ID="cbSelected" runat="server"/>

    <asp:DataPager ID="dpReport" runat="server" 
    PagedControlID="lvStudent" PageSize="20">
        <asp:NextPreviousPagerField ShowFirstPageButton="True" ShowNextPageButton="False"  />
        <asp:NumericPagerField NumericButtonCssClass="dpTimeSheet" ButtonCount="50" ButtonType="Link"  />
        <asp:NextPreviousPagerField ShowLastPageButton="True" ShowPreviousPageButton="False"  />

If there's no paging I can get all the checked CheckBox like this:

Public Function CountSelectedCheckBox() As Integer

    Dim count As Integer = 0
    Dim s As String

    For Each i As ListViewDataItem In lvStudent.Items

        Dim cb = CType(i.FindControl("cbSelected"), CheckBox)

        If cb.Checked Then
            count = count + 1
        End If

    Return count

End Function

But, how do I count all checked CheckBox in the ListView that has paging?

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I've implemented something like your functionality. Try to save checkedIds in session or ViewState. Of course you need to update checkedIds for each request.

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